Local Services

Jackson Twp. Fire Department

The Camden Fire Department was organized in 1921 with one piece of equipment, a Model-T truck.
Harold Wyatt served as fire chief from 1923 to 1968.  Others who served as chief included Gerald Sieber, Charlie Johnson, Jess Zook, Max Rude, Brian Appleton, Ron Wertz, Ron Cree, Ralph Spangle, Tony Rouhier, Chuck Foreman, and presently Eric Foreman holds the position.

Camden Town Marshal

Camden Town Marshal Office

Camden Town Marshal Office

The department has two part-time marshals available to assist citizens when the need arises.  If a marshal is not on duty when assistance is needed,

contact the Sheriff’s Department at 765-564-2413

for non-emergency assistance.
Always call  911  for emergency services!

Camden Community Building

Camden Town Hall & Community Building

Camden Town Hall & Community Building

The Camden Community Building is available for rent for your next special occasion!
Non-profit groups (youth groups, churches and preschools) are often allowed to use the facility at no cost. A current certificate of insurance is required by all groups and individuals.
Please call the Town
Office (574-686-2121) to check availability.


Usage Agreement for the Camden Community Building
           – Individuals and Businesses
           – Not‐For‐Profit Organizations

Camden Utilities
Water – Waste Water – Trash – Street Department

Online Payments Disclosure


The Town of Camden provides its residents with many services to help provide a pleasant and well maintained community.
Utility services include:Street Department
Trash Service
Waste Water Treatment
Water Department

Camden Water Department Laboratory